A Mission in Love

My grandmother would have celebrated a birthday today.

How old she would have been and how long since she has left this world important anymore. Her presence in my life, even while gone, will not change.

When I was a toddler, I walked to daily mass with her. I have a vague memory of holding her hand and struggling to keep up with her. She taught me to pray and instilled the importance of being charitable, not only in a monetary way but also by meaningful actions. Nana helped care for the altar, the clothes, and the linens. She volunteered in the community, even with Saint Mother Teresa in Kolkata.

Whatever Nana taught me is still part of my own faith journey. She reminded me to give thanks every day. The handwritten messages in my birthday cards would read: God bless you and give thanks for this day. She often told me to leave everything in His hands.

I was blessed to have my grandmother in my life. Besides my Mom, she was the closest female friend I had. I treasured her deeply and still do.

There was a role reversal of sorts in her last years when Nana took ill.   Along with other family members, I became the consoler, the comforter, and the frequent caller, and that was okay. It was my turn.

St. Paul wrote:  “And now faith, hope and love abide… “and the greatest of these is love.” These simple words have their weight in meaning.

When you love with greatness, your love never ends. It gets passed to live in others, as it did with Nana. The same is true for others, also gone, who loved as Nana did.

I am grateful for that legacy. Nana may be missed, but her love, the intangible, has been left behind. That love was a priceless gift that we can continue to share with others.

Who was your legacy?

May eternal life shine upon them.

Copyright (c) 2022 all rights reserved, Jackie Kierulf, writer.

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